Hall of Fame Inductees

Grandmaster Dennis Tosten

10th degree Black Belt and Martial Arts Grandmaster Instructor Dennis Tosten has over 45 years of professional teaching and training experience and has taught thousands of students as the head of the Amerikick Martial Arts organization. He trained directly with and is one of the very few to attain a seventh dan in Kenpo with Mr. Ed Parker as well as a 5th Dan with Arnis Grandmaster Remy Presas. He was a top ranked tournament competitor in sparring, weapons and kata and is a Gold Instructor under world champion Joe Lewis. He has visited six continents teaching and training in many forms of the martial arts and is known as a “hands on” instructor who balances his busy schedule and still finds time to personally work with all of his students.

Martial Arts Training

1964-1966 Began Combat Judo Training under Captain Melvin Furmin (Head combat instructor at Fort Dix)
1966-1968 Beikyu Ju-Jitsu under Master Peter Shaw
1967-1975 Kenpo Karate: Instructors Ray Klingenberg, Al and Jim Tracy, Shotokan: Marc Steiner
1969 Promoted to Kenpo Instructor
1971 Promoted to First Degree Black Belt Chinese Kenpo. Manager of Tracy’s
Karate 2814 Cottman Ave. Taught all children and adult classes. Trained all assistant instructors.
1975 Full Contact under World Kick boxing Champion Joe Lewis
1978 Began Tae kwon Do training under Master Robert Leach
1979-1981 Martial Arts For the Handicapped under Ted Volrath
1981-1992 Kenpo training under Grandmaster Edmund Parker
1986-1992 Philipino Arnis and Weapons under Grandmaster Remy Presas
1992-1995 Judo under Olympic Coach Robert Karr
1992-1997 Kenpo Karate under Grandmaster Joseph Polanzo
1995- Present - Bando under Dr. Moung Gi.
2006 Traveled To Thailand studied Mauy Thai
2006 China with George Dillman and study at the Shaolin Monastery
2007- PRESENT Balintawak System with Essing Atillio


10th degree Black Belt Kenpo Karate, 5th dan Phillipino Arnis, 1st dan in Tae kwon do, 1st dan in Judo, 1st Dan in Shotokan Karate, Gold instructor under Joe Lewis, Certified Instructor Martial Arts for the Handicapped, 1999 Inducted into Joe Lewis Hall of Fame, 2001 Inducted into World Martial Arts Hall of Fame, Grandmaster of Amerikick

Work Experience

Owns and operates and Franchises AmeriKick Martial Arts 21 locations.
Amerikick Karate was rated the Number 1 Sport Karate School in the Country
Trained World Champions and Trained World Champion Coach Mark Russo
Promoter Amerikick National Karate Tournaments. Promotes over 100 Back Belts yearly. Has trained and taught Martial Arts on 6 continents. Worked on Numerous Martial Arts Movies. Developed the AMERIKICK SYSTEM a unique Combination of his years of training


1975, 1976 and 1977 M.A.R.S.( Martial Arts Referees Society) # 1 rated competitor, 1976, City of Philadelphia Bicentennial Spring and Autumn overall champion, 1986 Jefferson Award for Community service, 1988 Goodwill Ambassador to London, Ontario, 1987 Australian Men’s Champion, 1991, 1993, 1997 Triple Gold Medalist PA Olympic Tae kwon do, 1997 Triple Gold Medalist PA State Karate Games,1991 Bronze medalist Olympic National games,1994 NBL #1 rated Senior Fighter, 2003 Champion “Best of the Best” and the Tomei award with Diamonds Jerry Pennington “Living Legends.” 2007 nominated to U.S.A. martial arts Hall of Fame.