Hall of Fame Inductees

Grandmaster Datu Dieter Knüttel

Grandmaster Datu Dieter Knüttel started his Arnis training in 1978 under Master Jackson Cui Brocka, a student of Ernesto and Roberto Presas.
He made his Lakan Isa, in 1981.
1983 he traveled fort he first time to the Philippines to train Arnis there.

He trained under all important Modern Anris Masters and Grandmasters in the Philippines like GM Ernesto Presas, GM Roberto Presas, GM Cristino Vasquez, GM Jerry de la Cruz, GM Rodel Dagooc, GM Rene Tongson, GM Bambit Dulay, GM Roland Dantes and also Victor Sanchez.

The biggest influence on him had of course GM Remy Presas, whom he met in 1994.

Datu Knüttel and the DAV invited GM Remy on a regular basis to Germany and 1996 he received Lakan Anim, 6th Dan and the Datu title from GM Remy Presas,
as the 4th von 6 persons and as the only European.

2003 he has received Lakan Pito, 7th Dan on the Philippines and
2008 he received Lakan Walo, 8thDan as well as the Grandmaster title from a commission of Filipino Grandmasters, not only Modern Arnis.

He teaches Modern Arnis seminars and camps since 1981, up to now more than 700 in Germany and over 80 in 17 other countries on 4 continents.
He was the head of the bard of examiners for more than 500 black belt examination in the
He is co-fonder and chief-instructor of the German Arnis Association, DAV which is one of the biggest Modern Arnis organizations today, since 1984 and since then almost 6000 people were members of the DAV.

Today, one of his main aims in Modern Arnis is, to keep good contacts and relations with all different Modern Arnis groups worldwide, be it in the Philippines, US, Europe or elsewhere in the world, which is why he also co-founded the Worldwide Family of Modern Arnis in 2006 in the Philippines.